Our Mission

Entering in to year 4, the New York State Leadership Group continues its focus on several priorities for 2020-2021. These educational services for school districts across our state have been widely accepted. The results have been praised by boards of education and superintendents who have chosen to avail themselves of our consultants work.

Forming part of the foundation of the New York State Leadership Group is our assistance to school boards seeking to employ a new superintendent. This typical 4 to 6 month well defined process has been evaluated by both the boards and new superintendents as being very successful.

As an organization we also conduct workshops on topics selected by our Board of Directors as important areas affecting school districts. Form a list of over 40 areas, the board members determined those five that they believed would be most beneficial to Western New York school leaders. Announcements on dates and locations will be forthcoming. Participation in these breakfast/luncheon sessions will be at no cost. We can offer this option due to the great support we receive from our corporate partners.

We also have provided school districts with individual studies and projects including mentoring of administrators, teacher evaluations, special education service assessments, efficiency reviews, board of education-superintendent workshops, business office and transportation assessments, para-professional staffing determinations, contract services and student enrollment projections.

We believe that our consultants, all of whom are highly skilled and experienced, are best able to meet the needs expressed to us by local school district leaders.