Planning, Management, and Mentoring Services

The New York State Leadership Group currently provides mentoring services to both district and building leaders.

The consultants have been asked by boards of education to complete projects and studies on a wide scope of educational issues. Specific areas include among others:

  • District Consolidation/Mergers
  • Special Education
  • School Business Services
  • Guidance/Counseling Services
  • Equivalency of Instruction Evaluations
  • Administrative Organizational Studies
  • Clerical Services Studies
  • Facility Planning/Closures
  • Grade Level  Reorganizations
  • District Personnel Office Evaluations
  • Transportation Studies
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Athletic Program Evaluations
  • School Budget Evaluations

Projects possible with NYSLG consultants:

  • Title 9 Training
  • Review of Special Education Program Delivery
  • Paraprofessional Workload Review Demographic Studies
  • Best Educational Use of Facilities Study
  • District Merger Studies
  • Programs and Policies for Gifted and Talented Programs
  • Human Resources Audit
  • Long Range Faculties Master Plan
  • Strategic Planning
  • Enrollment Projection Studies
  • School Efficiency Studies
  • School Counseling and Psychologist Studies
  • School Curriculum Audits
  • School Technology Audits/Applications of Emerging Technologies
  • Paraprofessional Training
  • Student Discipline, Attendance and/or Graduation Review
  • Leadership Coaching
  • School Board and Leadership Team Retreats
  • Hiring Practices Review
  • District Vision/Mission and Development Support
  • Equivalency of Instruction Building Studies
  • Merger Studies
  • Math K-12 Program Audits
  • Clinical Staff Utilization Reviews
  • Focus Group Studies
  • HS Staffing Study
  • Buildings and Grounds/Maintenance Study
  • Tuitioning Secondary Students Study
  • Elementary School Closing Studies

Its consultants regularly advise superintendents as well as district and building level administrators. The consultants schedule regular meetings to discuss issues and are available to members whenever needed. Four of the NYSLG consultants are New York State Department of Education certified as Outside Educational Experts (OEE). They have been involved in state education required building and district assessments.