The New York State Leadership Group, headquartered in Buffalo, has been designated as an Independent Receiver under SED guidelines.

The application was approved in 2014 based on their system of scoring applications. As a result, our collaborative organization may now be assigned to work with schools and school districts anywhere in New York State, which have determined by SED, to be “Persistently Struggling and Struggling Schools in Receivership”.

We deeply appreciate the faith placed in our highly qualified consultants to be used by school organizations to improve student outcomes in their schools. We further look forward to continuing our professional efforts in the near term and for several years into the future as we work with parents and staff on major turnaround initiatives.

The Board of Directors guides the work of the New York State Leadership Group via its input at board meetings. This diverse group of highly successful school leaders brings their experiences and expertise to create both a short and long term vision to the organization.