Award Notification

SUNY Buffalo State is a member of the National School Development Council (NSDC) which represents colleges and their service councils throughout the United States. 

Annually the NSDC Board of Directors selects an individual to receive its Cooperative Leadership Award.  This award recognizes exemplary efforts to establish cooperative relationships with other educational agencies in the course of creating programs for the nation’s school district.  Receiving the 2020 award was Jon MacSwan.

Jon currently serves as the Cleveland Hill Central School District Superintendent.  He recently finished a multi-year term as President of the E-NSSA organization.  Jon’s impact on his fellow superintendents and local boards of education has been profound.  He has been a very strong advocate legislatively on the value of a public school education.  He displays courage on behalf of students in all his decisions.  Jon has provided learning opportunities for teachers seeking their NYS administrative certificates via SUNY Buffalo State.

As a recipient of this national honor, Jon will be presented with a plaque from the NSDC at an upcoming Cleveland Hill Board of Education meeting.  Congratulations to this outstanding role model.