On May 29, 2018, New York State Leadership Group Executive Director, Robert W. Christmann, was requested by the Rochester City School District Board of Education to conduct a professional development workshop. The agenda included Board-Superintendent Roles and Responsibilities, a preliminary superintendent evaluation discussion and 2017-2018 district goal setting review.

Mr. Christmann had previously served the Board of Education as its superintendent search consultant and was later involved in creating a very comprehensive one year study plan called “The Path Forward”. Commissioner feedback considered this workshop to be a highly productive one setting the stage for the superintendent’s upcoming annual evaluation with “Super-Eval” from PLS 3rd Learning.

Following this workshop, the Rochester Board of Education has requested that Mr. Christmann facilitate their summer retreat on July 19-20. The focus of this work will be on the setting of board and district goals for 2018-19 as well as ways to improve the quantity and quality of internal communications. Also addressed will be the process to upgrade the Board’s effectiveness as a governing body.