In mid-April of 2018, New York State Leadership Group Executive Director Robert Christmann was requested by the Mt. Markham Board of Education to facilitate a workshop on BOE-Superintendent relations and roles/responsibilities. The intent was to build on and improve what was currently a very good, mutually respectful relationship.

Background information was shared by the consultant and district leaders which hopefully will increase their effectiveness as a management team. The workshop was deemed to be a success based on the attached feedback from the Mt. Markham BOE President, Tom Huxtable and Superintendent, Dr. Paul Berry, after the session.


“Thank you for presenting a thoughtful and helpful study of board leadership… Thanks so much for offering your depth of knowledge and encouragement to us at Mt. Markham”

Tom Huxtable
Mt. Markham BOE President

Thank you, Bob. I am so grateful for your time on our behalf. I think that our board is in a positive place and I believe that our discussion last night will help to make us an even stronger and more effective governance team.

Paul Berry
Mt. Markham Superintendent